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November 19, 2013
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HoM: Keane Fisher by wispwill HoM: Keane Fisher by wispwill


Name: Keane Fisher
Nickname(s): -- 
Gender: Male
Age: 15 
Birthday:  November 15th

House: Giants
Rank: Leader

* Quiet
* Kindhearted
* Protective
* Compassionate
* Distant
* Intimidating
* Wary
* Unforgiving

* Flowers
* Animals
* Fishing
* Storytelling
* Summertime 
* Adults 
* Snobbish rich kids
* Most candies
* Snow
* Winter

Keane Fisher was born on a reservation somewhere in the Northwest to a relatively young couple. There he lived a rather sheltered life -- it was rare for the small family to venture far from the small town, and it was usually for them to go to the local lake where his grandfather lived in a small cabin. It was there that Keane had most of his fond memories, from sitting by the fireplace during the winter (which he loathed -- he hated not being able to go outside and enjoy the outdoors) to staying up past his bedtime to admire the stars to fishing out on the lake with his grandfather while the elder told him stories. This is was also where he earned the scar on his jawline -- that is what happens when you let a little kid try to cast the line by himself without telling him to watch out for the hook, or else it could get caught on your face. To this day he is never embarrassed to tell the story behind it, since it reminds him of the happy times he spent with his grandfather in the boat.

One day, when he was ten years old, Keane ran away from the reservation. He wanted to go to the lake cabin, and he remembered his parents told him they weren't going to the lake that weekend, so he took matter into his own hands -- he donned himself in his warmest clothes, pocketed the fifteen dollars and twenty seven cents he had been saving since he was eight, and walked He never bothered to remembered the directions to the place, and soon it became clear that his path became skewed when wherever he went, everything was still unfamiliar. But, he never stopped wandering, never stopping to ask an adult for help, and just pretended he knew what he was doing. A week passed, and he eventually made it to the city, where it was easier to hide from the grown-ups that asked where his parents were. He camped at a playground during the night, and usually kept to himself during the day when the neighborhood kids would come and play.

However, one day a girl that was older than him approached him when she saw him tying together a chain of flowers that weren't killed by the frost. She told him about spirits and houses, and he was admittedly a bit confused, but as soon as she mentioned something about a forest, he decided to tag along with her. He was tired of the city from the few nights on the playground; it was smoggy and unnatural, and only made him yearn for the lake cabin even more. When the two arrived at the base of Giants, he was again briefed on this whole spirit business, where it made more sense. It wasn't difficult to convince Keane to be pulled into their ranks, and he was given his token, a small rock that had a bit of moss on it. As soon as he touched it, a large spirit appeared beside him, happy to finally meet his host. The Fisher was starstruck by the spirit's appearance, and gave him the name of the man from one of his favorite stories -- Qaletaqa, guardian of the people.

And there Keane remained. He felt a sense of belonging that he hadn't experienced before; he was never close to the other kids on the reservation, and to be surrounded by so many kids that were like him boosted his spirits and cemented his loyalty to the Giants. He worked hard, sleeping at the base at night while everyone else had a home to return to, and took care of things while everyone went to school. It was almost natural that a couple of years after earning his token that the wild boy achieved level four and became leader after the previous one (the same girl who recruited him, in fact) grew up and left the house as an adult. Keane took his ascension into leadership smoothly, and while he was lax with his house members, it was clear that the leader of the Giants was a respectable figure among the kids.

Additional Information
* Keane is probably the only kid in the world who actually likes vegetables.


Name: Qaletaqa 
Nickname: Qale

Gender: Male
Elemental Ability: Earth manipulation 

Weapon / Fighting Style: Fists 

* Gentle
* Patient
* Friendly
* Modest
* Shy
* Emotional
* Worrisome
* Somewhat gullible

Additional information 
* Qaletaqa is most commonly referred to as Qale due to his name being difficult to pronounce by some kids.
* He is thirteen feet (13') tall.

Roleplay example: #POKE-PARTY-MANIA with *Kalpaca
Thankfully Rena wasn’t one of those people who were afraid of the dark, or else she would have been in a real tight situation. But, the inky darkness wasn’t any help, either. The ship still tilted this way and that, and the thunder still shook just as hard. Sometimes there was a brief, weak flash of light, maybe from some distant window, but Rena wasn’t too focused on it, instead trying to keep her mind off the irregular rhythm the ship was rocking to. It was just a storm, she thought to herself, she needn’t worry. Her reassurance didn’t help, though.

Suddenly the top above her jarred a bit, and a silent gasp escaped her as she stuffed her face full of downy feathers, as if smothering herself would cease the movement. However, after she heard some voice above her, she realized it wasn’t the rocking ship that had caused the table to move, but somebody had ran into it, and as the realization came to her a strobe of light shined down on her feet. She drew them closer to herself as the figure knelt down, and she was momentarily blinded by the flashlight as it was shone upon her, but she identified the voice before she saw the face once her eyes adjusted to the light. “I-I’m not hiding,” she stated to Roman.

Rena flinched in surprise as she saw a dark shape come close, but once she realized it was only Danny, she sighed in relief; even if he was a ghost, the Haunter wasn’t as bad was Willo, whom she originally thought it was to be. “I mean, I’m not playing hide-and-seek,” she amended quietly, and paused for a moment before asking, “What’re you doing here, running into tables in the dark?”
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MugenGinga Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Qale is a CUTIE. 8D
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So cute! (I think I'm officially the only one in the Fairy House.)
thank you!! and actually, my second character, ian, will be a faerie kid! i might get started on his app tomorrow night but it probably won't be finished until the weekend
Litriu Nov 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


//dubstep noises

ultra cutie team
eee thank u ebabu
BlueCoffeee Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aweee so cute omg <33 
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