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TBSP | PLAYER 3 | Nemesis by wispwill TBSP | PLAYER 3 | Nemesis by wispwill

"Well, fuck. That's a thing that's happening -- hope blood doesn't unsettle you."

General Identification
» Name Nemesis
» Nickname[s] Neme
»  Alias --

» Gender Male
» Spawn Point Blue's Nest

» Voice Masculine, sounds like a young adult. Mostly monotonous but varies in pitch when emotional.

»  Items

- N/A

Physical Appearance

» Summary Nemesis has a very cat-like appearance, having pointed ears, narrow eyes, and a long, fluffy tail. While his face doesn't betray his emotions most of the time, his blood does -- it changes hues depending on his mood, and his blush reflects what color his blood is, revealing how he is feeling while he likes it or not. He constantly bleeds from his mouth, throat, and the palms of his hands.

» Height 4'00" ft
» Weight 75 lbs

» Extra

- Always wears bandages when not in battle.
- The blood flow from his mouth, throat, and hands are not heavy -- in fact, it's akin to a nosebleed. However, to prevent messes and to avoid becoming too weak, he wears the bandages to keep himself together.
- This also causes him to have near-constant hunger in order to make up for the blood lost.
- The blood color is, surprisingly, sometimes hard to decipher. For example, the color of his blood when depressed, content, and ill are nearly the same. Sometimes it's hard to tell how he is feeling based on his blood color if you don't know him too well. However, he is mostly seen with a deep blue color, which reflects depression.
- While he claims it doesn't hurt, changing emotions seems to put him off on the edge. Probably has something to do with his blood changing.

Personal Information

» Personality [ + Quiet // + Eggy // + Frank // + Intelligent ] [ - Unforgiving // - Callous // - Apathetic // - Emotional ]

» Likes

- Food
- Quiet places
- Close spaces
- Physical activity
- Attention

» Dislikes

- Excitement
- Mood swings
- Physical contact
- Loud noises
- Free time

» Talents

- Sword fighting
- First aid
- Sense perception

» Hobbies

- Brushing his hair and fur
- Eating anything in sight
- Walking everywhere

Statistics & Weaponry

» Skill Sets

Attack 4/5
Defense 4/5
Speed 2/5
Agility 2/5
Endurance 1/5

Sanity 1/5
Confidence 2/5
Bravery 4/5
Intelligence 4/5
Charisma 1/5

» Weapon[s] 

Blood Manipulation Nemesis is able to control his own blood. He is able to gather it and harden the carbon within the blood to create weapons, though he usually defaults to a sword. Anyone who has contact with his blood will have some sort of affect on them -- it depends on the color of the blood. For example, when he is depressed, it is acidic, but when he is content and calm, it has healing properties. While it would be an amazing asset, he has no control over his emotions. Also because of his constant blood loss, he is anemic, and he has to be careful how much of his blood he uses in fights in order to avoid becoming weak. 

Bullet; White Neutra
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best friend
Bullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Orange Lust
Bullet; Pink Love
Bullet; Red Uncertainty | Dislike
Bullet; Black Despise

Feeling [ NPC or Player | Gender ]



Bullet; BlueBullet; Red [ Spectre ]


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